Another Vegan Lunchbox

I want to start blogging my daughters' vegan lunches.. and maybe comment about issues with trying to raise a vegan kids etc.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Is it summer yet? Well we survived Easter.. happily enough. As I've gotten older I seem to dread candy-centered holidays. Our church does little toys, erasers, bubble necklaces, etc in the plastic eggs for their Easter hunts so there's not much to deal with 'candy' there. And this year I got little scooby two big eggs that had PEZ in them. She'd been wanting me to get her pez for some time.. like I was depriving her or something. Thank God she wanted Pez and not peeps though right? And we got big plastic eggs with tattoos in them. They were nick themed - sponge bob, dora, etc. So no candy there. And I got her bubbles (this before the Easter egg hunt where she racked up on the bubbles) which were another thing she'd been begging for. Two cute stuffed animals - a bunny and a bear - my husband wanted to get the bear and well what is Easter without a bunny so she got both. She had a couple other candies in plastic eggs.. just a little though. She was happy with what she got and didn't really notice the 'lightness' on the candy. I'm the 'mean mommy' who always says how bad stuff is and don't just let her have whatever anyway so I think she appreciates it more. When I was a kid at Christmas my parents always put fruit in our stockings so stockings weren't exactly tops on my list for opening on Christmas morning. They grew up during the time of the great depression and having fresh fruit in winter was a welcome treat for them as kids. So it was a tradition that they wanted to pass on to their children. I suppose they appreciated the fruit so much more than I did. But I think its the same concept scooby appreciates what I don't let her take for granted.

For anyone wondering skating season is off to an okay start. Two competitions so far. Two third place finishes. Scooby wanted firsts .. but third gets medals and well its better than last. Mommy always says.. "somebody has to finish first, somebody has to finish last, somebody finishes at every place in between." Every competition I worry that it will be the one where she finishes fourth (or fifth or sixth or whatever doesn't make it to the podium).

Friday, February 17, 2006

After Valentines' Day

Little scooby has been sick the past couple of days but is back to normal now. She suffered some horrible flu bug.. or food poisoning or something. I don't know. The weather here fluctuates tremendously. It was a beautiful 74 to 75 degrees today. I would've loved to have been outside enjoying it. Tomorrow it is only supposed to get up into the 40s and may get cold enough rate snow. Its hard to imagine with as warm is it was today. But the constantly changing weather must take a toll on a child's immune system. Little scooby ate some of those hearts with the words on them. She got them in a Valentine at school. She didn't know they had gelatin in them. It was exactly EASY to find the ingredients listed on the box. Well now we know. The other night I ate my husband's veggie burger by mistake. I had no idea. He got really upset that I ate HIS burger. I certainly didn't eat something with dairy in it on PURPOSE. The thought grosses me out. But I have much the same reaction that I gave my daughter about the hearts. Now I know to be more careful.. there's nothing we can do after it has already happening. The gelatin probably gave her food poisoning.

Today little scooby got PB&J, peach flavoured soy yoghurt, orange slices, and apple minute maid.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

Not much to post today. In honor of Valentine's Day I decided to make little scooby heart shaped piggies in the blankets. I cut smart dogs in quarters. Put two next to each other and shaped dough around them. I tried to make the point corner to be flatter than the parts that wrapped around the veggie dogs so they would bake up somewhat even. They turned out nice. Of course she had a mixed fruit cup and soy yogurt and minute-maid fruit punch to drink.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Wonderbread Rant

As some of you may know my daughter on recently (within the last year) started to eat sliced bread. Wonderbread is about the only vegan whitebread that I know of. If you know of any other please fill me in. Anyway, wonderbread now has like 5 new varieties. All of these new varieties have dairy in them. I had trouble finding one loaf of regular (vegan) wonderbread this weekend. I'm not sure what we can do about this.. write wonderbread, complain to managers at the stores, etc. But we need to let them know that we appreciate having a vegan option in wonderbread available to us.

Today's lunch for little scooby consisted of smartdeli bologna and garlic hummus on wonderbread. A strawberry O'soy yoghurt, sliced oranges and an apple-grape minute maid. Like I said in another post I haven't been too creative of late with the lunch ideas.

My stress level is going down somewhat as my daughter's programs seem to be coming along nicely. I worry too much about her messing up. She can only do her best - and that is starting to look pretty good. So I'm happy. I can do my somebody has to finish first, somebody has to finish last, and somebody has to finish every place in between so all that really matters is that you do your best speech.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome Back!

Well I haven't been doing much creative with the food since school has been back in session. I bought some trail mix that I've been dividing up into little ziplock bags for her afternoon snack. So lil scooby is getting trail mix, fruit cups, soy yoghurt and minute-maid apple grape juice in her lunchbox pretty much everyday. And she has had for her sandwiches this week hummus with sliced olives on whole wheat pita, pb&j and smartdog pigs'n'blankets - repeating a couple of meals. So not a lot to post there. We've been going thru a lot of issues this past week. She's got in trouble for tattle-telling and for sticking her tongue out. We talked about this some last night - she was punished for the sticking her tongue earlier this week when I made her write "I will not stick my tongue out" ten times (it took a good 15-20 minutes to do so it was no light punishment). Anyway she said that the other kids had called her fat and that that was why she had stuck her tongue out (more than once). Well she gets in trouble for tattle-telling often so what is she supposed to do. Agh. I believe what she says about the kids saying she was fat.. she's asked me before if I thought she was skinny. She's on the high end of normal weight range so definitely not skinny/underweight but not fat/overweight either. Though she has a much more muscular/athletic build than the average 6 year old.

Oh Congratulations to Tanith Belbin on her American citizenship December 31st. We look forward to Turin. And I added a link to Tanith/Ben at Nationals on ESPN.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas

Well we had our office Christmas party this year. I elected not to participate. I did end up eating a few peanuts and broccoli, carrots and califlower. There was after all a few things that I could eat. Not enough that I felt the need to chip in money towards buying the meat/cheese tray or cook a nice vegan dish to share with everyone else. People always push me to eat just something. I'd rather not - I'd feel less obligated to cook or chip in. There were lots of vegetarian (non-vegan items) there as well. Sometimes I get really tired of being vegan. Not that I actually want to eat non-vegan foods. I just get tired of telling people I don't eat cake, cheese, etc. There was even a cake that someone said was made with coke (which would mean it was vegan right) - nope not a chance had marshmellows in the topping. Ugh... I'm just really sick of being "different." I know my lil' scooby gets tired of being different as well. She came home one day last week wanting me to tell her teacher that I was a vegan and that she is a vegetarian like her daddy. Well I didn't write that letter to her teacher that she wanted me to. I suppose I will get around to it. My hubby and I decided when I went vegan that we'd let her choose if she wanted to be vegan or vegetarian. We disuade her as much as possible from consuming any non-vegan (vegetarian) foods. I breastfed my daughter because I believe its not natural for human beings to consume the milk of another species. I believe that hormones in dairy and eggs cause an exceleration of puberty in children. That said I don't think a cupcake or slice of cheese pizza once in a while are detrimental to her health. Her choice to be vegan has to be her own. And based on her own firmly held beliefs that consuming animal products is wrong. I think she leans towards what her daddy believes.. "its okay as long as I'm not eating an actual animal I don't have to feel guilty." But if she is persistant about wanting to eat something we allow her to as long as it is vegetarian. I hate this compromise I make in my beliefs for her. I try to respect my husband's decision to be lacto-ovo-vegetarian as he respects my choice to be vegan. And at the end of the day if its okay for daddy to eat then she can make that choice too.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

December 19, 2005

Today's lunch will consist of a smartdeli turkey slice rolled up and put in a container with hummus and baby carrots. A strawberry soy yoghurt and peanut butter crackers. With an apple-grape minute maid to drink.

The Nutcracker went off without a hitch. I am so glad that is over. I'm looking forward to a little well-deserved break from skating for the holidays:)