Another Vegan Lunchbox

I want to start blogging my daughters' vegan lunches.. and maybe comment about issues with trying to raise a vegan kids etc.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

September 30, 2005

No vegetables in today's lunchbox. Scooby has 4 mini-veggie pig'n'blankets. These are two smartdogs cut in half and baked in dough. She got to wrap them and put them in the oven herself. She has a peach o'soy yoghurt and a box of raisins. And since there was about 2 small brownies left she gets another brownie for tomorrow.. they are pretty awesome brownies I can't blame her for wanting another. To drink she is getting another Minute-maid apple-grape juice which is her favourite beverage next to chocolate soy milk (which I tend to limit to breakfast odd I know).

Today's lunch

Nothing fancy today for my first post. Today my daughter (who I'll call scooby from now on - cause she is a nosy-butt) got a PB&J (which she likes / I hate) with o'soy strawberry soy yoghurt, baby carrots, sliced oranges and a vegan brownie. I made vegan brownies over the weekend and I'm ready for them to be finished up and out of the house. For beverage she had minute-maid apple-grape juice. When I picked her up yesterday her friend said that I need to pack ranch dressing for dipping fruits/veggies in. I located a vegan ranch dressing recipe off of and will try to make some this weekend. Maybe Monday we'll have a dipping type lunch. Her friend's comment made me wonder if maybe scooby is sharing her lunches? I tend to fix her a lot of food because I don't want her to get hungry.