Another Vegan Lunchbox

I want to start blogging my daughters' vegan lunches.. and maybe comment about issues with trying to raise a vegan kids etc.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

October 25, 2005

Lil' scooby had a hummus and vegan bologna sandwich today. She had grapes on the side. And I cut out little ghosts in the vegan turkey slices - she wanted a couple of ghosts on the side. She had some raisins and teddy grahams for a snack. With a fruit punch juice to drink.

Yesterday she had hummus and carrot on pita bread with little eyeballs (olives) on top. She had a peach o'soy yoghurt and a banana with it. And she had a apple-grape minute maid to drink.

Monday, October 17, 2005

October 17, 2005

Today lil scooby got smartdogs in blankets, strawberry soy yoghurt and sliced peaches. And some Teddy Graham crackers for a snack. She had a fruitpunch flavoured juice to drink.

On Friday she had vegetarian baked beans with smartdogs chopped up in them (these were the left over smartdogs from the smartdogs in blankets). She had grapes and raisins with it. And apple-grape minute maid to drink.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

October 13, 2005

I let lil scooby pick out what she wanted for lunch today thus it is sort of a hodge-podge of things. She had 2 - 1/2 smartdogs in blankets. She had a cup of peanut butter with about 8-10 baby carrots for dipping. She had a baggy of grapes. And a couple of olives - she wanted some on the side today because she so loved her sandwich yesterday. She also had some sliced peaches and raisins. And an apple-grape minute maid. Yeah I warned you it was a bit of a hodge-podge. Sorry no picture.

If ya'll don't know I am extremely Anti-McDonalds. What McDonald's did is personal. I know they got sued and they paid their dues - though I did hear that the money they had to pay didn't even end up going to animals but various other not-for-profits. At any rate McDonald's didn't pay ME anything for tricking ME into eating dead animals for years when *I* was a child. As if ANY amount of money could make up for what they did. I know they have a disclaimer now that says something to the effect of "McDonalds makes no claim that any item on their menu is in any way vegetarian." Where was that label 14 years ago when I was a high school athlete having to eat freaking french fries to hold me over after a game or meet until I got home. Yeah its personal and my intense hatred of all things McDonald's is not going away.

Yesterday was McDonald's day at school. Which means a portion of the proceeds went to my daughter's school so they were advocating all the kids to tell their parents to take them to McDonalds. She had a little McDonald's bookmark that I made her throw away. "You are not allowed to have anything that says McDonalds on it" On the drive home I talked to her about did she know why. "Because McDonald's is evil and they kill animals and sell them for people to eat." I'm still thinking about how to explain why that answer was wrong. We eat at other fast food places and restaurants that 'kill animals and sell them to people to eat' so why is McDonalds a special case. Well other than the fact they don't sell anything even remotely vegetarian. So I'm working on that talk with her. I don't want my daughter brainwashed into believing stupid crap. I don't even know how much I can fight of it. Well that is why I have my blog huh.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Adopt A Farm Animal

Every year we talk about adopting a turkey for Thanksgiving and so far we haven't. We certainly need people to take care of rescued animals. We are going to adopt a turkey next month. Little scooby and I will post a picture of our adopted turkey then. But for today and the subject of today's post for only a few dollars a paycheck we have adopted a farm animal (the money goes to all the animals - but we get an adoption certificate and picture of one animal) and we have adopted a rabbit. Our adopted rabbit will help us to remember the importance of supporting Farm Sanctuary. I'm *planning* to continue to support Farm Santuary by - well for one - buying lil scooby a Farm Sanctuary teeshirt (maybe one for me too - feel free to make suggestions for which style you like best), other apparel, videos, books etc where proceeds will support Farm Sanctuary. This year I am getting off my butt and doing a real lesson in teaching compassion to my child.

Scooby's Lunch for October 12, 2005
In honor of October - An eyeball sandwich - this is hummus on whole wheat pita bread with olives stuffed in. I put 2 at the top so that peep out like eyeballs. With sliced peaches and raisins. Two cookies for a snack. Again no vegetables.. I gots to do better at trying to get some veggies in her. And to drink - Minute-maid apple-grape juice.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Battle of the Lucky Charms

This weekend I found myself in the cereal aisle arguing with my nearly six year old daughter. She wants the cereal in the pretty box with the rainbow and the leprechaun on it. No - I say you can't have it. BUT daddy said I could. (Daddy said she could have cereal - not the specified cereal that has gelatin in it). For crying out loud Peta has a whole list of suitable cereals pick one of those. Well there it is - a forbidden fruit. And a driven little girl who is desiring what she cannot have. I have won the battle but not the war. I can't always be there to say no.. especially as she gets older. What have I done wrong that my precious little girl would want to eat bones on purpose?

Today's lunch... smartdeli turkey flavoured slices with crackers, peach flavoured soy yoghurt, mixed fruit cocktail and cookies. And to drink a minute-maid apple juice.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

October 7, 2005

For tomorrow lil scooby is getting a whole wheat pita bread with shredded carrots and hummus with a mixed fruit cup and a box of raisins. She is also getting chocolate teddy graham crackers for a snack. To drink she is having a minute-maid apple juice.

October 6, 2005

Today's lunch is sort of a repeat of a lunch from a couple of day's ago. Scooby had 2 slices of smartdeli turkey flavour slices cut into 12 small triangles and 8 crackers to make 6 sandwiches. She had a couple of baby carrots and a few pieces of broccoli as her vegetables. And a cup of sliced peaches as her fruit. To drink she had minute-maid apple grape juice. And a box of raisins as a snack.

Yesterday she had a couple of smartdog pigs'n'blanket. A baggy with grapes for fruit. Again broccoli and carrots as her vegetables... they are the main vegetables that she likes to eat.. I try to feed her what I know she likes at school. I save the 'different' stuff for home. For a snack she had Nabisco chocolate flavoured Teddy Graham crackers. And to drink a minute-maid apple juice.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

October 5, 2005

I feel in the mood to talk about something different today. I guess with October and All Souls' Day coming up and everything I've been thinking about people that I've lost. People that it has greived me so dearly to go on living without. Buffy said to Dawn right before she sacrificed herself that dying is easy it is living that is the hard part. We all understand this truth at some point in our lives. I was thinking how long do we greive and how long does that pain last. Is it eternal? Surely I still grieve the loss of my grandmother over 20 years ago but life goes on. My daughter serves as a somewhat constant reminder in that she was named after my gramma (a beautiful old-fashioned name that has made a return in recent years). About 2 years ago my daughter's cat died. Lil scooby took the loss of her pet very hard. She cried incestantly for months. Even over a year later she would break out crying for no reason and when asked what was wrong she would say with tears running down her cheeks 'my cat died' well perfect mother that I am I was really getting frustrated with that. Enough already its time to get over the cat dying. Do we ever really get over loss? We find beauty in life and we go on living. But I think the loss is still there and we always hurt. And today its okay to cry for someone (our ca's included) who we lost 2 years ago or 20 years ago.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

October 4, 2005

No picture again today.. I'm sorry I didn't recharge my batteries. Such is the life of a figure skating mommy. Today scooby got a hummus and shredded carrots sandwich on whole wheat pita bread, orange slices, and raisins. To drink she got a minute-maid apple juice. I was very upset with how little of her fruits and veggies she ate yesterday so she got much less food today.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

October 3, 2005

I don't think I'm going to bother with a picture today. The batteries are dead in my camera and the food is all put away in the fridge. I'll charge my camera batteries overnight but I'll be busy in the morning.. no time for pictures. Anyway so here what scooby will have for Monday I cut up two slices of smartdeli turkey flavour into 6 small pieces each so 12 total pieces. I packed 8 crackers so that she can make 4 small cracker sandwiches. She has a mix of frozen berries (that shouldn't be frozen anymore by the time she eats them) of strawberries, blueberries, rasberries, and blackberries. A cup of sliced peaches. And a baggie of broccoli and carrots. The dip didn't come out so good. I think she'll be fine eating them plain until I can test some more dip recipes...

Just wanted to add some ranting.. I'm so tired of having to go to like 3 different stores to get what I need. I have to go to Whole Foods to get Vegenaise. And our Whole Foods didn't have ANY soy yoghurt. Well my daughter hates Silk so it has to be the O'soy kind and I'm almost out of those. I guess another trip to Kroger's is in order - and Kroger's doesn't have Vegenaise!!!!! Yeah I use Nayonaise to avoid having to make extra trips to Whole Foods to get nothing but Vegenaise. It is just a pain - I can't even get soy yoghurt from Whole Foods. I used to drive to Whole Foods every so often to get Tofurky Jurky but the last couple of times I've been there they haven't even had that. I can't get Tofurky Jurky anywhere. Harris Teeter if you are reading this PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE start carrying tofurky jurky, vegenaise and French Vanilla flavoured Silk creamer.. so I don't have to shop at all these other stores!