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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Adopt A Farm Animal

Every year we talk about adopting a turkey for Thanksgiving and so far we haven't. We certainly need people to take care of rescued animals. We are going to adopt a turkey next month. Little scooby and I will post a picture of our adopted turkey then. But for today and the subject of today's post for only a few dollars a paycheck we have adopted a farm animal (the money goes to all the animals - but we get an adoption certificate and picture of one animal) and we have adopted a rabbit. Our adopted rabbit will help us to remember the importance of supporting Farm Sanctuary. I'm *planning* to continue to support Farm Santuary by - well for one - buying lil scooby a Farm Sanctuary teeshirt (maybe one for me too - feel free to make suggestions for which style you like best), other apparel, videos, books etc where proceeds will support Farm Sanctuary. This year I am getting off my butt and doing a real lesson in teaching compassion to my child.

Scooby's Lunch for October 12, 2005
In honor of October - An eyeball sandwich - this is hummus on whole wheat pita bread with olives stuffed in. I put 2 at the top so that peep out like eyeballs. With sliced peaches and raisins. Two cookies for a snack. Again no vegetables.. I gots to do better at trying to get some veggies in her. And to drink - Minute-maid apple-grape juice.


  • At 6:18 AM, Blogger Slytherin Chick said…

    We have an adopted chicken (Eloise) and a goose (Pleep)! I love that Farm Sanctuary exists and lets us get to know these animals on a new level. Have you ever visited your animal? We went to the NY farm this august and it was a life changing experience. (Just a warning: You want to adopt every animal while you are there!)The staff was so nice and found our chicken and let us meet her. We adopted the goose while we were there because we just fell in love with her. Can't wait to see your turkey:)


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