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I want to start blogging my daughters' vegan lunches.. and maybe comment about issues with trying to raise a vegan kids etc.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

October 6, 2005

Today's lunch is sort of a repeat of a lunch from a couple of day's ago. Scooby had 2 slices of smartdeli turkey flavour slices cut into 12 small triangles and 8 crackers to make 6 sandwiches. She had a couple of baby carrots and a few pieces of broccoli as her vegetables. And a cup of sliced peaches as her fruit. To drink she had minute-maid apple grape juice. And a box of raisins as a snack.

Yesterday she had a couple of smartdog pigs'n'blanket. A baggy with grapes for fruit. Again broccoli and carrots as her vegetables... they are the main vegetables that she likes to eat.. I try to feed her what I know she likes at school. I save the 'different' stuff for home. For a snack she had Nabisco chocolate flavoured Teddy Graham crackers. And to drink a minute-maid apple juice.


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