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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas

Well we had our office Christmas party this year. I elected not to participate. I did end up eating a few peanuts and broccoli, carrots and califlower. There was after all a few things that I could eat. Not enough that I felt the need to chip in money towards buying the meat/cheese tray or cook a nice vegan dish to share with everyone else. People always push me to eat just something. I'd rather not - I'd feel less obligated to cook or chip in. There were lots of vegetarian (non-vegan items) there as well. Sometimes I get really tired of being vegan. Not that I actually want to eat non-vegan foods. I just get tired of telling people I don't eat cake, cheese, etc. There was even a cake that someone said was made with coke (which would mean it was vegan right) - nope not a chance had marshmellows in the topping. Ugh... I'm just really sick of being "different." I know my lil' scooby gets tired of being different as well. She came home one day last week wanting me to tell her teacher that I was a vegan and that she is a vegetarian like her daddy. Well I didn't write that letter to her teacher that she wanted me to. I suppose I will get around to it. My hubby and I decided when I went vegan that we'd let her choose if she wanted to be vegan or vegetarian. We disuade her as much as possible from consuming any non-vegan (vegetarian) foods. I breastfed my daughter because I believe its not natural for human beings to consume the milk of another species. I believe that hormones in dairy and eggs cause an exceleration of puberty in children. That said I don't think a cupcake or slice of cheese pizza once in a while are detrimental to her health. Her choice to be vegan has to be her own. And based on her own firmly held beliefs that consuming animal products is wrong. I think she leans towards what her daddy believes.. "its okay as long as I'm not eating an actual animal I don't have to feel guilty." But if she is persistant about wanting to eat something we allow her to as long as it is vegetarian. I hate this compromise I make in my beliefs for her. I try to respect my husband's decision to be lacto-ovo-vegetarian as he respects my choice to be vegan. And at the end of the day if its okay for daddy to eat then she can make that choice too.


  • At 9:36 AM, Blogger Harmonia said…

    Its great to know there are other veg*ns out there that respect other veg*n options as well as their own and vice versa. You are a great parent to teach her to respect other people and animals and to let her have a choice. :) Happy New Year!

  • At 3:25 PM, Anonymous sadie said…

    hi I know I am responding kind of late to this but I know what you mean about being tired of being diff at work parties,etc, My co-workers make fun of my food constantly(tofu, beans, etc) while they scarf down Macdonalds(??!!)
    And people are uncomfortable when you don't eat and they are. So who cares if they are uncomfortable. Your beliefs are more important.

  • At 6:17 AM, Blogger Harmonia said…

    I miss your posts!


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