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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Today's Incident

Scooby was stabbed in the palm of her hand today by a little girl after school. She was screaming and crying unrelentlessly when I picked her up. She wanted me to take her to the hospital - I took her home. I washed the wound out and poured peroxide on it. Then I called poison control. Okay I'm not stupid - I know pencils aren't made out of lead anymore. But my husband was working late and I have nobody smarter than me to ask for help. I had no clue how to get it out. The lady from poison control said to just let it work itself out over the next few days. All I could think is she is going to be falling on that hand a whole lot over the next few days and I need it to stop hurting her NOW. We are four days away from her first Nutcracker on Ice solo. After three years of figure skating and small parts in the show this is a big deal. She fell on it a few times at practice tonight. So I guess it is okay. We just need to survive the next few days.
Whether or not the little girl did it on purpose I don't know. Sometimes I am such a bad mom. I find myself having NO clue what to do. I just do the best I can - always the best that I can.


  • At 12:35 PM, Anonymous Claire said…

    poor kid :(

    A had a bf throw a pencil at me once...probably two or three years ago...and I happened to catch the point of the pencil in the palm of my hand. I still have a little grey dot where it hit me, so she may have a souvenir to remember the incident by :)


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