Another Vegan Lunchbox

I want to start blogging my daughters' vegan lunches.. and maybe comment about issues with trying to raise a vegan kids etc.

Friday, January 13, 2006

Welcome Back!

Well I haven't been doing much creative with the food since school has been back in session. I bought some trail mix that I've been dividing up into little ziplock bags for her afternoon snack. So lil scooby is getting trail mix, fruit cups, soy yoghurt and minute-maid apple grape juice in her lunchbox pretty much everyday. And she has had for her sandwiches this week hummus with sliced olives on whole wheat pita, pb&j and smartdog pigs'n'blankets - repeating a couple of meals. So not a lot to post there. We've been going thru a lot of issues this past week. She's got in trouble for tattle-telling and for sticking her tongue out. We talked about this some last night - she was punished for the sticking her tongue earlier this week when I made her write "I will not stick my tongue out" ten times (it took a good 15-20 minutes to do so it was no light punishment). Anyway she said that the other kids had called her fat and that that was why she had stuck her tongue out (more than once). Well she gets in trouble for tattle-telling often so what is she supposed to do. Agh. I believe what she says about the kids saying she was fat.. she's asked me before if I thought she was skinny. She's on the high end of normal weight range so definitely not skinny/underweight but not fat/overweight either. Though she has a much more muscular/athletic build than the average 6 year old.

Oh Congratulations to Tanith Belbin on her American citizenship December 31st. We look forward to Turin. And I added a link to Tanith/Ben at Nationals on ESPN.