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I want to start blogging my daughters' vegan lunches.. and maybe comment about issues with trying to raise a vegan kids etc.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Is it summer yet? Well we survived Easter.. happily enough. As I've gotten older I seem to dread candy-centered holidays. Our church does little toys, erasers, bubble necklaces, etc in the plastic eggs for their Easter hunts so there's not much to deal with 'candy' there. And this year I got little scooby two big eggs that had PEZ in them. She'd been wanting me to get her pez for some time.. like I was depriving her or something. Thank God she wanted Pez and not peeps though right? And we got big plastic eggs with tattoos in them. They were nick themed - sponge bob, dora, etc. So no candy there. And I got her bubbles (this before the Easter egg hunt where she racked up on the bubbles) which were another thing she'd been begging for. Two cute stuffed animals - a bunny and a bear - my husband wanted to get the bear and well what is Easter without a bunny so she got both. She had a couple other candies in plastic eggs.. just a little though. She was happy with what she got and didn't really notice the 'lightness' on the candy. I'm the 'mean mommy' who always says how bad stuff is and don't just let her have whatever anyway so I think she appreciates it more. When I was a kid at Christmas my parents always put fruit in our stockings so stockings weren't exactly tops on my list for opening on Christmas morning. They grew up during the time of the great depression and having fresh fruit in winter was a welcome treat for them as kids. So it was a tradition that they wanted to pass on to their children. I suppose they appreciated the fruit so much more than I did. But I think its the same concept scooby appreciates what I don't let her take for granted.

For anyone wondering skating season is off to an okay start. Two competitions so far. Two third place finishes. Scooby wanted firsts .. but third gets medals and well its better than last. Mommy always says.. "somebody has to finish first, somebody has to finish last, somebody finishes at every place in between." Every competition I worry that it will be the one where she finishes fourth (or fifth or sixth or whatever doesn't make it to the podium).


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